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Music Moves Mountains Foundation

Music Moves Mountains Foundation

The power of music can change lives. Let’s use it to help those in need by giving hope, health, and happiness through the healing art of music.

Please join us however you can in making music therapy and education more available.  Donate $, instruments, musical equipment, an item to auction, an in-kind service, sponsor an event, or volunteer!  Every little bit helps!

Charity EIN# 45-5216562 

Check out our past movers & shakers, music mercenaries, supporters & volunteers here  MMMF 2012-2015 Supporters  Join us!

Thank you to The Who and Pete Townshend for your gift of a song for our campaign video!  Here is the face and inspiration behind the Foundation, and one of the biggest Who fans of all time!

MMMF Campaign Video


Thank you to our musical volunteers during our “Feeding the Soul” music series this season.  Giving the gift of music for those in need goes a long way!

“Sending much love and gratitude to Music Moves Mountains from all of us at the Homeless Alliance! Your volunteer musicians straight-up blew our socks off. The staff was still talking about James Reynolds and Carlton Dorsey (who showed up as a seriously excellent bonus surprise!) and the folks from the St. Stephen’s Youth Choir (when Venita called them the friendliest group of kids in the world, she was understating the facts) long after our party guests had gone home. And major props to BC Summers for donating and delivering the P.A. for the night! Together, you made something kinda cool into something incredibly special. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” – Kerri Bales, OKC Homeless Alliance





Press release – Intro to Music Therapy presented by Zetta Music Therapy @ SixTwelve OKC 7.12.15 PR – MMMF & SixTwelve host Zetta Music Therapy 7.12.15

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MMMF & SixTwelve host Zetta Music Therapy


MMMF Summer 2015 Newsletter

Read more MMMF announcements in the “NEWS & EVENTS” page….

Campaign Update

Campaign Update 6/30/16:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As we celebrate our fourth year operating as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, we want to thank all of you who have helped in the journey of making therapeutic musical opportunities and education available to those in need.  We’ve garnered support from all over the globe (including The Who/Pete Townshend, Lou Adler/Monterey International Pop Festival Foundation, Eric Burdon, and The Joe Strummer Foundation in the UK), as well as from national and regional supporters to help reach our goals.  We’ve hosted six benefit concerts, a “WHOotenanny” in (Austin 2012), “Okie Folkies & Freaks” in (OKC 2013), a “Tribute to Monterey Pop” in (Austin 2013), a special benefit in support of the documentary Alive Inside and for local music programs for Alzheimer’s sufferers (OKC 2014), a partnered effort with The Joe Strummer Foundation that raised funds for a special needs music scholarship (Austin 2014), and a production by students at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM@UCO) to help raise awareness and regional funding for music therapy that coincided with the Southwest American Music Therapy Association’s annual conference (OKC 2015).  We went through a few changes this past year and will update our mission soon to correspond with the passing of a new Legislative bill in Oklahoma that now supports music therapy as a state Board-certified medical practice.  The Foundation is currently focusing on ways to streamline its mission better, make more connections and research new avenues for growth.  We also have an office in Austin, Texas now and hope to reach out more to central Texas as well.

When the Foundation launched in 2012, we reached out to The Who for support in our campaign video for the use of their song “Join Together” as our anthem, and they did not hesitate to donate the rights and get behind us.  This song was chosen by my son, who is the inspiration behind the Foundation and is an obsessive fan of The Who.  It all came full circle when we had the chance to meet them and thank them personally – and then get to sing the very song “Join Together” with thousands of people at their concert.  The guys were very gracious knowing my son’s challenges and focused on his ability inviting him onstage to play.  It was a moving experience we’ll never forget and it gives us a constant reminder of why we want to keep pushing towards our goal.

So as we continue in our mission, we ask for your continued support.  If you are a believer in the healing powers of music, please join us however you can by attending an event, donating funds, becoming a sponsor, offering in-kind support, becoming a volunteer, or simply by helping spread our message and becoming an advocate.  Let’s go move some more mountains!

Much love and gratitude,

Julie Frost, Founder & Director




Motto:  The power of music can change lives. Let’s use it to help those in need by giving hope, health, and happiness through the healing art of music.

Mission Statement:    Music Moves Mountains Foundation is a perpetual series of projects, programs, and services utilizing the scientifically-proven powers of music to change and improve the quality of lives.  The Foundation is established as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that uses tax-deductible donations to facilitate these efforts.  Our goal is to offer free or affordable services to those in need of music therapy, education, and community outreach.

Whom It Will Serve:  Children, adults, and seniors suffering mental, emotional, or physical illnesses, developmental disabilities or disorders, depression or loss, trauma or stress.  It will also provide the community a resource to educate, empower, and support its underserved and at-risk citizens in need while employing local artists, teachers, and therapists.

Reach:  Based in Central Oklahoma and Texas, the Foundation will begin regionally, but hopes to maximize access and growth nationally with the support of patrons, sponsors, and giving-institutions.  Priority will be given to underserved individuals and communities based on availability of funds.

Need:  In America, there is a lot of support in the Northeast and on the Westcoast for Music Therapy.  There is a vast gap in services and programs everywhere in between.  Oklahoma and Texas in particular do not recognize Music Therapy for state board certification which is needed in order for local insurance companies to cover it. Oklahoma is also one of only seven states in the nation who does not require insurance companies to cover therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders (1 in 68 children are diagnosed) among other disorders and issues. So, for many seeking Music Therapy for these types of issues, it can be too costly. Cuts in public funding for arts programs and special services in schools keep increasing, while healthcare costs go up. Even if some therapeutic efforts are covered by insurance, many are considered alternative and can be hard to qualify for. We want to fill that gap by making music more accessible for those in need.

Examples of Services:

  • Music therapy by a Board certified MT for an individual, hospital ward, or group
  • A performance or music access at a nursing home, V.A. center, or hospice center
  • Musical mentors and workshops for at-risk or recovering individuals
  • Musical outreach and education in public schools and community

Proven Results Include:

  • Recovery and development of speech, memory, and mind/body coordination for victims of stroke, brain injuries, amnesia, Tourette’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Relief and healing progression for Cancer and life altering diseases
  • Improved communication, regulation, and  behavioral skills for Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome/ADD/ADHD/Sensory Processing Disorder /Down’s Syndrome/Developmental Challenges
  • Restored purpose, hope, strength, connection, and discipline to those fighting physical or substance abuse, depression, trauma, stress, grief, anxiety, or low self-esteem
  • Repaired speech, attention, sensory, and equilibrium impairments, or rhythmic balance for seizure sufferers


  • “All Abilities Rock” – Community music workshops, musical mentorship, and sensory-friendly concerts for children and adults with disabilities or special needs
  • “Play It Forward” – A cooperative effort using donated musical instruments and lessons to low-income or at-risk individuals who commit, in return, to donate their time and talent to the next candidate
  • “Song Power” – Songwriting workshops or mentorships for at-risk youth, war veterans, victims of violence, depression, addiction, disaster, and support groups of life-altering diseases
  • “Feeding The Soul” – A series of musical performances at hospitals, nursing homes, VA Centers, rehabilitative centers, and hospice care

(c) 2012 Music Moves Mountains Foundation

Music Moves Mountains Foundation