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Campaign Update

Campaign Update 1/9/18:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As we continue our 5th year operating as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, we want to thank all of you who have helped in the journey of making music therapy, education, and community outreach available to those in need.  We’ve garnered support from all over the globe (including The Who/Pete Townshend, Lou Adler/Monterey International Pop Festival Foundation, Eric Burdon, and The Joe Strummer Foundation in the UK), as well as from national and regional supporters to help reach our goals.  We’ve hosted eight benefit concerts:  a tribute to The Who “WHOotenanny” (Austin 2012), “Okie Folkies & Freaks” in (OKC 2013), a “Tribute to Monterey Pop” (Austin 2013), a special benefit in support of the documentary Alive Inside and for local music programs for Alzheimer’s sufferers (OKC 2014), a partnered effort with The Joe Strummer Foundation that raised funds for a special needs music scholarship (Austin 2014), a production by students at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM@UCO) to help raise awareness and regional funding for music therapy that coincided with the Southwest American Music Therapy Association’s annual conference (OKC 2015), a partnered effort with Band Aid School of Music that raised funds for music scholarships for disadvantaged kids, special needs training for instructors, and music therapy workshops (Austin 2017) as well as a special fundraiser for our music community in S.E. Texas who were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey (Austin 2017).  Our next annual benefit concert in Austin is coming up on February 18th, 2018 and will be a tribute to The Beatles with local musicians of all ages coming together.  We have donated over $8,000 worth of instruments and gear to individuals, schools, therapists, special needs educators, and organizations as well as helped with music scholarships to the underserved and special populations.  We have hosted sensory friendly concerts and workshops, music therapy awareness events and adaptive music education classes free to the public.

At the end of 2016, we celebrated the new Legislative bill in Oklahoma that now supports music therapy as a state Board-certified medical practice – but unfortunately Texas did not pass a similar bill that was up in the 2017 session.  The new national administration is looking to slash Arts funding completely, and more Medicaid cuts are about to make a desperate situation even worse for those seeking therapy and rehab.

So as we continue in our mission to fill the gaps where music education and therapy is needed, we ask for your continued support.  If you are a believer in the healing powers of music and its social mobilization in our community, please join us however you can by attending an event, donating funds, becoming a sponsor, offering in-kind support, becoming a volunteer, or simply by helping spread our message and becoming an advocate.  Let’s go move some more mountains!

Much love and gratitude,

Julie Frost, Founder & Director


Special Note of Inspiration:

When the Foundation launched in 2012, we reached out to The Who for support in our campaign video for the use of their song “Join Together” as our anthem, and they did not hesitate to donate the rights and get behind us.  This song was chosen by my son, who is the inspiration behind the Foundation and is an obsessive fan of The Who.  It all came full circle when we had the chance to meet them and thank them personally – and then get to sing the very song “Join Together” with thousands of people at their concert.  The guys were very gracious knowing my son’s challenges and focused on his ability by inviting him onstage to play during sound check (which they allowed due to his sensory issues and anxiety in case he couldn’t make it through the concert).  The band, their management and staff understand the power of music and were very supportive in giving him this opportunity.  It was a moving experience we’ll never forget and it gives us continued inspiration to keep pushing towards our goal to help others.


In February of 2017, Hudson finally had the opportunity to play a Who song with a dream band for the first time!

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