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Our Mission & Goal:

MOTTO:   The power of music can change lives.  Let’s use it to help those in need by giving hope, health, and happiness through the healing art of music.

MISSION STATEMENT:   Music Moves Mountains Foundation is a perpetual series of projects, programs, and services utilizing the scientifically-proven powers of music to change and improve the quality of lives.  The Foundation is established as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that uses tax-deductible donations to facilitate these efforts.  Our goal is to offer better access to those in need of music therapy, education, and community outreach.

WE SERVE:  Children, adults, and seniors suffering mental, emotional, or physical illnesses, developmental disabilities or disorders, depression or loss, trauma or stress, as well as underserved and at-risk communities and schools.  We also offer opportunities to partner with musicians, music educators, music therapists, counselors and other organizations.


“All Abilities Rock” – Community music workshops, adaptive music education/mentorship/experiences, and sensory-friendly concerts for children and adults with disabilities or special needs

“Play It Forward” – A cooperative effort to offer donated musical instruments, music scholarships, and mentorship to low-income or at-risk individuals who commit, in return, to donate their time and talent to someone in need

“Feeding The Soul” – A series of musical performances and engagement at hospitals, nursing homes, memory care, VA Centers, rehabilitative centers, hospice care, homeless shelters, etc.


Financial assistance and referral to contractual music therapy sessions from a Board-certified Music Therapist

Reach:  Based in Central Oklahoma/Texas, the Foundation will begin locally and regionally, but hopes to maximize access and growth nationally with the support of patrons, sponsors, and giving-institutions.  Priority will be given to underserved individuals and communities based on availability of funds.

Need: In America, there is a lot of support in the Northeast and on the Westcoast for Music Therapy.  There is a vast gap in services and programs everywhere in between.  Texas in particular does not recognize Music Therapy for state board certification which is needed for regulation and for insurance companies to cover it.  Oklahoma just passed legislation to recognize MT as a practice, yet is one of only seven states in the nation who does not require insurance companies to cover therapy services for Autism Spectrum Disorders (1 in 40 children are diagnosed), among other disorders and disabilities. So, for many seeking Music Therapy for these types of issues, it can be too costly. Cuts in public funding for Arts programs and special services in schools keep increasing while healthcare costs continue to go up. Even if some therapeutic efforts are covered by insurance, many are considered alternative and can be hard to qualify for. We want to fill that gap by making music more accessible for those in need, however it fits them.

Certificate of Incorporation for Music Moves Mountains Foundation (OK)

MMMF Texas registration with Secretary of State (TX)

Bylaws of the Music Moves Mountains Foundation 

Articles of Incorporation Certificate

Articles of Incorporation for Music Moves Mountains Foundation

Board of Directors:

President:  Stevie Ray Gilbert, (Dallas, TX) http://www.linkedin.com/in/stevieraygilbert

Vice-President:  Jimmy Frost, Jr. (Norman, OK)

Treasurer/Secretary:  Drew Dillard (Austin, TX)

Sponsor/Auction Coodinator:  Kerry Tartack (Austin, TX)

Program/Services Advisor:  Tom Wheelus (Hugo, OK) Retired Music Therapist/Educator/Musician Tom Wheelus Bio

Past President:  Wayne Duncan (Austin, TX) http://www.wayneduncan.com  http://www.linkedin.com/in/wayneduncan

About the Foundation:  Music Moves Mountains was founded out of response from the lack of state support and access for music therapy and adaptive music education.   After seeing such a demand for its uses yet a lack of resources in accessing it, the Foundation was launched in order to build more opportunities, awareness, and support.  We are based in Central Oklahoma/Texas and plan to grow regionally and nationally in the near future.  We are comprised of a talented Board of Directors from Oklahoma and Texas who all share the love and passion of music.
About the Founder & Director:  Julie Frost has worked in the music and arts industry for over 20 years and continues to be an advocate.  She studied Journalism at Oklahoma University and Commercial Music Management at Austin Community College.  Raised in Oklahoma, she made Austin and New Orleans her second homes.  She has managed and booked performing artists, operated recording labels, publishing and production companies, raised funds and awareness for the arts, and is a published author of music-related articles.

After becoming a single mother of a special needs child, her focus shifted to making a change in her community.  Witnessing the power of music in her son’s life as well as her own, she committed to helping others experience that same power.  http://www.linkedin.com/in/jfrost 

Contact: julie.frost (at) musicmovesmountains.org

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Music moves people in many ways – and I don’t just mean your body, I mean your mind, heart, and soul.  It heals, it strengthens, it unifies, it educates, it connects, it represents, it empowers, and it saves.  And greatest of all, it is natural.

Physiologically, music has a powerful effect.  Its energy instantly changes the biorhythm of neurons in the mind and body, organizing neurological impulses.  Music has been scientifically proven to increase endorphins and serotonin levels as well as decrease cortisol levels.  It slows down and balances brain waves, equilibrium, heart rate, and blood pressure.  It can elevate mood and control temperature and temperament.  It enhances learning ability, memory, immune systems, endurance, coping, motivation, and productivity.  It has been used as therapy for stroke and brain injury victims, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease sufferers, Epilepsy, Autism, developmental disabilities, and issues such as depression and grief.  Music, as a memory muscle, has been proven to trigger the development or recovery of language and its emotional significance.  Dr. Oliver Sacks (“Awakenings” and “Musicophelia: Tales of Music and the Brain”) reports that patients with neurological disorders who cannot talk or move are often able to sing, and sometimes even dance, to music.

Darwin wrote that music evolved as a social connection.  It seems to be a basic natural instinct at birth.  It has been used to document and preserve cultures and events in history.  It educates and creates understanding.  Music can connect the world with one song.  But more importantly, it has been used to make us better.  Ancient Egyptians believed that music could heal and purify souls.  Ancient Greeks believed it could heal bodies.  For centuries, music has been embraced as a means to heal the mentally ill.  Music therapy was officially adapted in modern times after WWI when V.A. hospitals noticed a substantial boost in spirit and recovery, both physically and emotionally, when music was present.  There is no doubt that the effects are powerful.

Speaking to the power of music, it is hands-down one of the greatest resources in life.  It is an Art and a Science.  It can transport one into an altered state of being.  Just a few notes of a song can immediately spark emotion and mood, and take you back to a specific moment in place and time.  It can calm the beast in all of us.  It can allow us to release emotion and speak the unspoken.  It has been the voice of a generation and a synonymous chant of a movement.  It is a ceremonious tool to celebrate, grieve, and show appreciation.  It has served as a form of spiritual praise and worship and has transformed souls.  It has given meaning and substance to many.  It can bond people to one another regardless of differences.  It is a universal language that has no boundaries.  It can make you feel a part of something bigger than yourself.

Imagine how one song changed your life or got you through a tough time.  Think about how music has shaped your life and relationships.  Now consider how it has affected the rest of the world and the importance of its role in our survival.  Music is something we must preserve and nurture, but most of all, it is something we must continue to hold sacred and use in a positive way.  Let’s spread that power to give hope, health, and happiness to one another.